All You Should Know About Anthony Joshua’s House

Anthony Joshua is one of the most successful boxers in the history of boxing reigning undefeated in the ring since the inception of his professional career. The athlete is one of the top names in the world of sports and is the current holder of three of the four major titles in boxing.

Anthony Joshua is also one of the richest athletes after reports claimed he earned 5 million pounds in a fight with Dilian Whyte in 2015. Other fights have seen him earn as high as 13 million pounds. Forbes has estimated his net worth to be around $39 million which puts him on the verge of becoming the first billionaire boxer.

With so much money to throw around, it is expected for Anthony Joshua to own one of the most beautiful mansions with the latest facilities, furniture, and designs. In this article, we are going to share all the information you need on Anthony Joshua’s house, its location, and photos of the interior and exterior.

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5 Makeover Hacks for Your Living Room

Have you ever been dazed by how amazingly furnished a room was?

If you have, you may want to agree that the skill to nicely furnish a room comes with having a flair for style and colours. One of the first places visitors come into is The Living room. A living room essentially is where family members converge, as well as where visitors are received..

In nearly all homes, the living room functions as a meeting point for guests to be welcomed and entertained. This is particularly why living rooms should characteristically erupt with eye catching scenes and scenarios. Photographs, imageries and colours is meant to portray the things a home owner values.

It is for this reason that you some should leave no  stone unturned when it comes to cautiously planning and organizing the place, so that those arriving into the room may feel the atmosphere and by extension feel relaxed.As such, it doesn’t matter whether you reside in Ikoyi or Yaba, if you have been tinkering with a makeover for your leaving room but lack creativeness,  you may want to consider reading on.

What are some creative ways to makeover your living room?

Well, here 5 hacks to help you succeed at the best of looks for your living room.

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The capital city has become a hub for prestigious private secondary schools, serving the educational needs of both local and international students. Be it in the rural or urban part of the city, these schools are everywhere, distinguished by the curriculum they run and their modes of operation. Let’s take a look at five of the really prominent ones in the metropolis.