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Monetizing Your Short Videos on Yamorn in 6 Easy Steps

Monetizing Your Short Videos on Yamorn in 6 Easy Steps

There are dozens of video-sharing apps currently taking the mobile phone market by storm, but none is as revolutionary as Yamorn when it comes to monetizing video content.
Yamorn is a video-sharing app that empowers its users to earn unlimited amount of money from sharing videos of themselves “doing amazing things”.
Simply put, anybody with a smartphone that’s connected to the internet can earn a decent living by publishing videos of themselves walking their dogs, playing a card game, or fixing their roof.
It’s actually simpler than the above description. So, below I share with you 6 simple steps to making money from sharing amazing short videos of oneself on Yamorn.

1. Install the app.

Installing Yamorn on your smartphone takes less than a minute on a regular connection. App is available for download on the Google Play Store as well as dozens of other app marketplaces on the web.

2. Register with your Gmail account.

Registering on Yamorn simply takes signing in with your Gmail account.

3. Take a video of yourself doing an amazing thing and upload.

Your amazing video can be inspiring, educative or downright hilarious. The only rule is that it should not be more that 20MB.

4. Check out other amazing videos on the app and follow your favourite users.

You can also earn money by viewing and sharing other videos on the app. So, here you have the opportunity to earn while getting inspired or informed by what is happening in the other user’s life.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 as much as you can to make as much money as you need.

It’s simple: the more amazing videos of yourself you upload, and the more the amazing videos of others you view and share, the more money you make.

6. Withdraw your earning as soon as it reaches the minimum payment threshold to prevent stories that touch.

Withdraw your earning into your bank account as soon as you can before one policy from Hell tampers with it.



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