Why The Design of Your Kids Bedroom Matter

Choosing a kid’s bedroom design can be quite a difficult task. It’s quite hard to decide what colors’ could best sooth your Childs needs.

It’s quite popular in Nigeria to use the colours Blue for your boy child and Pink for your girl child, but colours have more than that impact on the life of your kids. Have you noticed that there are rooms, you enter which keep you in an agitated state and there are rooms that soothe and calm you? It’s the same way with Kids; they get the same reactions as you do.

1.     Colours affect your kids emotional state:

Colours have the ability to inspire, excite, heal and even agitate your kid. Have you noticed that some kids do not relax when you take them on a trip to a General Hospital or to an office. It is because the surrounding colours do not relax the child, since they are meant to give a formal appearance.  Some kids are more sensitive to colours than others, keep that in mind when choosing to decorate your child’ room

2.     Good accessories ensure they remain kids for a Long time

In present times, it’s easy to see children spend most of their time in front of a screen watching cartoons and other stuff. We also fit them up with access to the internet. Studies has shown that these despite been quite intellectual, also brings about certain introverted qualities in the child, from extreme shyness to as far as Psychopathic tendencies due to extreme isolation. It’s really important if you fit your child up with beautiful and creative accessories to increase playful tendencies and thereby increase the child’s ability to socialize.

3.     We create happy memories for our Kids

Each waking moment is spent creating happy moments beneath the bright and sunny room. The games played, the crafts and hand prints all set about ensuring a peaceful night rest, when we settle in at night. For instance, if we’ve go there colour and design of the sky looking down on your child, it will be more easier for the child to spend the little time before dozing off, looking into this beautiful scene, these ensures that that the child is peaceful all night long.

4.     We ensure Security

Our careful and thoughtful plan of the our Kid’s cozy corner puts a deep imprint on our Childs mind that Home is always the most secure and the best spot ever. And not, just this wonderful thought, we in turn ensure that the room is free of all sorts of equipments that can result in lots of accidents. You know kids love to play, you cannot stop that, but its good to help them play right!

5.     Our spot remains ours

I cannot leave this one out, a lot of parents will agree with me on this. IF your children’s room is fun filled, what will attract this child to come trashing in your own room?

You never know until you have tried it out, Why not try looking a bit closer at your Child’s space. I hope you found this article worth your time.

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