What to Know About Buying a House/Land in Lekki as a First-Time Home Buyer

Lekki as a city in Lagos state is one of the places almost all Lagosians or the residents of Lagos desire to live in these days. If asked why, some would talk of its peaceful surrounding and serene, while some would talk of its breathtaking elegant buildings. And with these views of such people, that is what Lekki and its surroundings could be defined as.

Houses in Lekki are commonly charming where most people who reside in lagos wish to live. It is known for its clean surroundings, and a highly secured place to live amongst other cities in Lagos state when contrasting.

Buying a house in Lekki is not stressfull, and neither does it involves any hassle, but If you are a first-time home buyer or not, and desiring to purchase a house in Lekki, the following keypoints are what you may consider when buying a house in Lekki.

Keypoints to Consider

  1. Find reliable, qualified and experienced agents

Search  for agents, and not just an ordinary agent by name, but an agent who is reliable, qualified and experienced to source for a convenient house or has lisings that suits your style and fiscal effort. An agent will literally save you the time to source for lands and houses instead of expending time, energy and effort sourcing for a land or house.

Generally, agents know of new listing that are coming up, and so they can help you preview houses and lands. They can help you spot overpriced listings and advise you accordingly – this is if you wish to know the pros of hiring an agent before buying a land in Lekki, especially if you are a new resident in Lekki, Lagos state.

  1. Financial status

Frankly this is what those who live outside or within Lagos and also desire to live in Lekki should consider. An individual who desires to live in Lekki should consider his/her financial status in the first place. Lekki is known for its elegant and impressive buildings that cost so much. Houses and lands in Lekki are highly expensive, but its quality conceptually warranted to its expensive price.

This is why hiring an agent would do much favour in your minimal purchase of the specified house or land instead of purchasing such land on a high rate; and this is when an agent could help in negotiating the offer to provide a discounted rate – and sometimes this is depending on the kind of agent hired.

Most houses within Lekki fall at the maximum range and minimum range of roughly about N200,000,000 and a N50,000 respectively. It is suggestible to determine how much you can afford.

  1. The neighbourhood

Albeit, to some individuals, this might be less of a priority for an average view when buying a house in Lekki, but as a first-time home buyer, you will need to consider how close are the nearest hospital, schools for your kids, malls and other needed amenities. In fact, places outside Lekki in Lagos possess much of these around various locations in lagos. Considering neighbourhood is one of the vital keys.

Helpful Tips 

  • Get a legal advice before buying a home (sometimes an agent is not all that reliable to provide ‘legal’ advice)
  • Get an agent to source for houses or lands, because going alone to source for houses or lands in Lekki will offer no much favour, and that is why hiring a professional estate agent will do much good.
  • As a first-time home buyer, make sure to cinfirm the genuineness of some of such agent you are hiring – as some of them perform fraudulent act in connection with fake sellers.
  • After buying a house, set aside more money for the interior decoration you want.
  • Get an estate agent who is deeply skilled, motivated and knowledgeable about the area.
  • Inspection is vital before purchasing. However, for some houses in Lekki, you might be requested to pay for home inspection to examine the property’s condition.

Goodluck on your purchase!

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