Asaba is the capital of Delta state, and a very lively and beautiful city to live in. Asaba is largely inhabited by civil servants because of the number of government ministries in the city and also by business people, most of whom trade in Onitsha; a close-by commercial city. These business men and women prefer to live in Asaba because of the calm, quiet yet lively nature of the city. Listed below are some of the cool features of the city of Asaba:

5 Best Primary and Secondary Schools in Asaba

If you are considering moving to Asaba and possibly looking for where your kids can enrol for their primary and secondary school education, you are moving to the right city. There are currently more than 85Primary and Secondary schools in Asaba, however here are the best five (5) among them:

  1. Graceville International School

Graceville International School is a modern Crèche, Nursery and Primary school founded in 2002 and located at 20b Summit Road, Asaba. Graceville International School is one of the biggest schools in Asaba with a large space for recreational and sporting activities. Their vision is to be the number one centre for excellence, providing quality education to young minds. Their mission is to raise a generation of young leaders who can think and act smartly in any sector of life. Annually, the pupils and staff of Graceville International School embark on summer camping outside the country. They go to United Kingdom where pupils visit places of interest and education centre both in London and Turkey which include PGL camp- a place for training children for physical fitness. The pupils are also exposed to club activities such as the Bible club, Drama club, Music, Debate, Science club and so on. Graceville International School organizes a Miss Beauty & Brain and Family fun fair every two years, where the winner and runners up are placed on scholarship. Graceville International School website is located at

The Secondary arm of the school is Graceville High school which is located at No.1 Graceville, Boulevard Zoma Hill, Okpanam, Asaba. Delta state. The High school founded in 2005, offers programmes at Junior Secondary, Senior Secondary and Post-Secondary levels. The programmes offered at post-secondary levels at GHS are basically University Foundation Programmes and Cambridge AS/A levels. Graceville High School website is located at

  1. Mastercare International School

Mastercare International school (MCIS) ranks among the most sought after school in Asaba. The school runs a Crèche, Kindergarten, Nursery, Primary, Secondary as well as a Vocational programme. The school operates a blend of the Nigerian and British curriculum. Their vision is to raise a new generation of global heroes of men and women of character in the fear of God that will attain excellence through Christ. Their mission is to discover, mentor, and release the next generation of innovative heroes through a Christ-centred international Curriculum and networking platforms thereby redefining educational standards.Mastercare International School is equipped with state of the art facilities such as: modern IT laboratory, CBT laboratory, fully equipped science laboratory, state of the art examination centre, and standard sports facilities. MCIS is located on 1, Dan Okenyi Street, off Okpanam road, Asaba, Delta, Nigeria. MCIS is actually the biggest in terms of land space, and it is quite a journey from the school main gate to the classes and administrative buildings. The school website is located at

3. Perfecta Montessori School

Perfecta schools is one of a kind. In my opinion, it is the 2nd biggest in terms of land space after MCIS. Perfecta operates a Montessori curriculum systemproviding crèche services, nursery, primary and secondary. Perfecta’s vision is to nurture great minds who will rank amongst world’s innovators, entrepreneurs, icons of leadership, and positive change agents. Their mission is to provide a caring, dynamic and challenging learning environment that encourages ALL children to achieve their full potential, by developing the necessary skills, knowledge, and behaviours for becoming valued and productive members of the immediate community and global society. The school’s core values are derived from the acronym PERFECTA which stands for:  Passion; Excellence; Responsibility; Faith in God; Emotional Intelligence; Creativity & Commitment; Trustworthiness and A The quality of education in Perfecta is of very high standard and the school boasts of ultra-modern auditorium, modern facilities for indoor and outdoor games, standard computer classrooms and a well-equipped science laboratory. The school activities includes but not limited to: cultural day, colour day, interactive day, and sporting activities. Perfecta leads the way in the way the schools should be run. The school uses an automated finger based attendance system to identify parents and guardians picking up their pupils and also to track teachers’ attendance and punctuality times. Perfecta Montessori School is located at Plot 10, Phase 1, Government Core Area (Erhuvwu Club Road) by Havilla Hotel Road, Off Summit/DBS Roads, Delta State. The school website is located at

4. Infant Jesus Academy

Infant Jesus Academy, Asaba is a Catholic Co-educational Boarding School setup in 2002. It is a world class private school situated beautifully opposite the Government House of Delta State in Asaba. The school offer both Nigerian and British curricula. Infant Jesus Academy runs academic programs for the Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary. The facilities at Infant Jesus Academy are comparable to high class schools anywhere in the world and they include: Two modern fully equipped computer laboratories (all connected to the internet), A modern language laboratory, French laboratory, Science laboratories, Foods and Nutrition laboratories, Two well-equipped libraries (Junior and Senior libraries), A modern Art Studio, Astandard Sick Bay, A well-equipped Music Studio, A Multi-purpose hall/Chapel seating up to 800 people, Spacious boarding rooms,and 5 power generating sets for 24hours electricity supply.The school is located at Old Anwai Road, in Infant Jesus close opposite.Delta State Government House, Asaba. The school website is located at

5. Lumen Christi Private School

Lumen Christi is a Nursery, Primary and Secondary school founded in 2004 and located at KM2 Anwai/Illah road, opposite Government House, Asaba. The school’s vision is to meet the educational need of their students through teacher’s professionalism. Their mission is to raise tomorrow’s humble and dedicated leaders. The school’s activities includes: Cultural day celebrations, Inter-house sports competitions and so on. The school website is located at

Other notable mentions include:

  • Royal Children School
  • Corner Stone group of schools
  • Regina Mundi School


5 Best Areas to Live in Asaba

If you are new to Asaba and you are looking for where to settle down, consider these five (5) best areas in Asaba.

  1. DBS Road Quarters

The area surrounding Delta Broadcasting Service is commonly referred to as the DBS road quarters. It is a very serene vicinity with very good road network linking the main DBS road to the inner streets. If you are looking for an area in Asaba where you can get good and modern houses, DBS road quarters is one of the first places to check out. Because of the beautiful nature of the area, houses are quite expensive and it is common to find residential building mixed with other non-residential buildings like schools, hotels and government buildings. The major road linking the quarters branches off from Summit road very close to the Benin-Asaba express way and terminates at Okpanam road. It is also common information that electricity supply in residential areas in the DBS road quarters is in sufficient amounts. Majority of the people who live in DBS road quarters are wealthy business owners, top government officials, and few average civil servants.

2. Okpanam Road Area

There is Okpanam road area and the main Okpanam town. The Okpanam road area is a part of Asaba and terminates at Okpanam town. The latter is a different city from Asaba. Most of the government ministries and offices, fast foods, hotels and shopping malls including Shoprite are along Okpanam road. The residential areas in Okpanam road are inside the streets linked from the Okpanam road. The Okpanam road area is larger and busier than the DBS Road quarters. The Okpanam Road is quite long spanning from the popular Asaba flyover at Interbaualong Summit road, and terminating at Okpanam town. Some of the areas inside the streets from the road are still under development. If you are looking for where to buy lands and rent newer houses with cheaper prices, Okpanam road area is where to go. One thing however to note about this area is that it is highly prone to excessive rain and flooding. During the rainy seasons, the main road is usually flooded and there have been times where offices and residential houses have been flooded from water pouring down from the main road. However, the some part of the road are currently under renovation and drainages are also being constructed. Majority of the people who live here are mainly civil servants and some wealthy indigenes from Okpanam town.

3. Nnebisi Area

Nnebisi is the commercial centre of Asaba. It is the busiest area especially along the main Nnebisi road. You will find banks, churches, hotels, market, restaurants, hospitals, and every other thing along the Nnebisi road. This is where the Federal Medical Centre can be found. Nnebisi road connects the Nnebisi area from the other end of the popular Asaba flyover at Interbau along Summit road, and runs all the way, terminating at a point where it feeds other minor roads. If you are looking for a busy area to live in, with closeness to banks, hospitals and market, then Nnebisi area is where to go. Nnebisi was one of the earliest places that was developed in Asaba and it is not uncommon to find old style house designs. The road networks from the main road to the inner streets are quite good, but are usually sloped down the street. Majority of the people who live there are mainly business people, traders and families who have lived there from the early days of Asaba development.

4. Infant Jesus Quarters

This area derived its name from the Infant Jesus catholic boarding school established there. The infant Jesus quarters is fed from Anwai road that branches off on its right to the quarters. The Infant Jesus quarters is enclosed by a single gate and has only one entrance and exit which makes it a good place to live if you are a security conscious person. This is also a good area to live for people looking for a quiet and reserved place in Asaba. There are a number of modern houses in this area but they are quite expensive as well especially the three bedroom apartments. The main road is good except that some of the streets have a poor terrain. The area is prone to flooding and excessive rains. Majority of the people who live here are students and lecturers of the nearby Delta State University, Anwai campus. It is almost possible to know everyone who live in the Infant Jesus quarters because it is a very small place.

5. DLA Area

This area gets its name from the popular Direct Labour Agency (DLA) Road. The DLA road connects DLA from the popular summit road down to a road that branches off towards Ibusa Road. When coming from the Benin-Asaba express way towards summit road, DLA road is towards the right and directly opposite to DBS road on the left side of summit road. DLA is one of the best place to live especially if you work or do business in Onitsha and looking for a close by place to live in Asaba. Just like Nnebisi Area, DLA has been around for a long time and it is not uncommon to find old pattern houses. One of the biggest drawback of this area is flooding and the bad roads. When it rains in DLA, get ready to swim. Since DLA is close to the Benin- Asaba Express way, and several streets link directly to the express road, security is a big challenge.

Other great areas to consider are:

  • Bonsac
  • Ezeneyi
  • Ibusa Road Area
  • Koka
  • Okpanam Town

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