All You Should Know About Anthony Joshua’s House

Anthony Joshua is one of the most successful boxers in the history of boxing reigning undefeated in the ring since the inception of his professional career. The athlete is one of the top names in the world of sports and is the current holder of three of the four major titles in boxing.

Anthony Joshua is also one of the richest athletes after reports claimed he earned 5 million pounds in a fight with Dilian Whyte in 2015. Other fights have seen him earn as high as 13 million pounds. Forbes has estimated his net worth to be around $39 million which puts him on the verge of becoming the first billionaire boxer.

With so much money to throw around, it is expected for Anthony Joshua to own one of the most beautiful mansions with the latest facilities, furniture, and designs. In this article, we are going to share all the information you need on Anthony Joshua’s house, its location, and photos of the interior and exterior.

Who is Anthony Joshua?

There have been confusing details as to the origin of the boxer. Anthony Oluwafemi Olaseni Joshua is a British professional boxer. He was born in the UK and is thus a British Citizen, however, his mother is of Nigerian origin which also makes him a Nigerian.

Anthony Joshua relocated to Nigeria where he began his early education. He had to move back to the UK to complete his education after the divorce of his parents. Joshua began his amateur boxing career at the age of 18 winning several tournaments. He was very successful and was offered 50,000 pounds to turn professional which he turned down.

Joshua began his professional career in 2013 and has fought in 22 matches since the inception of his professional career. He is a highly successful athlete taking down famous and more experienced boxers with a Knockout.

Anthony Joshua is also magnanimous with several offering to charities and the donation of his own boxing club to inspire the next generation of boxers.

In 2019, it was reported that Joshua had signed an endorsement deal with telecom operator, Globacom.

Anthony Joshua’s House

With a net worth of $39 million, you should expect the sports star to live in nothing short of a mansion. Well, Anthony Joshua shared a video of a tour of his flat and his fans were quite surprised with what they saw.

Turns out that Anthony Joshua likes to live simple which is something you don’t see in every professional athlete that has earned millions of dollars. The sitting room is not quite tasteful as you can find a worn sofa and armchair. While many fans would complain that he lives too cheap, Joshua has stated that the seats have been in use for about 7 years and are very comfortable for him.

His kitchen is also simple with the basic facilities and a small fridge where he stores vegetables and drinks.

His master bedroom is more like a room with a single bed, however, the boxer claims that it is just how he likes it. The flat features another bedroom which serves as the guest bedroom for visitors.

While most of his fans from the UK and other nations were surprised but had to accept his decision, his Nigerian fans were, however, struck by his humility and advised him to enjoy his wealth.

The flat is said to be located close to GB Boxing base in Sheffield. On the worth of the flat, there is nothing we can say. You certainly wouldn’t expect it to be worth anything near $100,000 or N1 million.

However, we got the news that this isn’t the main house where the boxer lives or spends most of his time. This is simply where he stays when he is on training for a match.

Nevertheless, this is still one of the houses of Anthony Joshua and we definitely expected more from him as he is one of the biggest sports stars in the sports industry.

The pictures simply confirm how humble the athlete which makes him one of the most humble and philanthropic athletes in the sports industry. We believe to see more of the athlete’s assets especially his houses as he moves forward in his boxing career. With big fights coming up and big sums to earn, we can definitely expect him to turn things up a notch and acquire the best life can offer.

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